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IT-Vision 2020 – the success clip of the ID Group

The Success-Clip by isolutions shows in three minutes the advantages of the IT-Vision 2020, which the ID-Group consistently implements.

With the new IT environment, consisting of Office365, mobile clients, complete team fixed network telephony, use of MS Teams and data storage in the cloud, ID Group has an absolutely future-proof and competitive IT infrastructure. goes Cloud!

The ID-Group is facing the biggest IT-Change in its history! The starting signal for the implementation of the IT Vision 2020 was given at the end of July 2019! The IT2020 project has an ambitious timetable: within one year at the latest, the existing IT should be completely transformed.
The ID Group is now gradually moving into the cloud. Why is that?
The existing IT infrastructure is/was end-of-life, both that of the data center (servers, switches, etc.) and that of telephony. This would have led to very high investments. For this reason the existing IT architecture was completely questioned. The IT Vision 2020 that was created therefore focuses on Office365, WaaS (Workplace as a Service), mobile working, collaboration, SD-WAN and the latest cloud technologies.

Read the attached document to find out exactly what will be changed by the IT Vision 2020. goes Cloud

“ID Haustechnik AG” is established in Dübendorf

We are pleased to inform you that the location of “ID Lufttechnik + Anlagenbau AG” in Dübendorf will become an independent company. From now on our name is:

ID Haustechnik AG

The management of ID Haustechnik AG will be taken over by our previous head of ID Lufttechnik in Dübendorf, Mr. Filippo Nucifora. He has been working for the id-group for 12 years and has been shaping the positive development of the Dübendorf business area in a managerial function for 5 years.

Projekte Aktuell

Neubau Spital Limmattal

In Schlieren entsteht der Neubau Spital Limmattal mit über 60 neuen Lüftungsanlagen. Die reine Montagezeit beläuft sich auf lediglich zwölf Monaten.

Schulhaus Hasel Spreitenbach

Das Schulhaus Hasel in Spreitenbach erstrahlt im neuen Glanz und entspricht einer modernen und funktionalen Bildungseinrichtung.

Labitzke Areal

Auf rund 10'000 Quadratmetern entstehen diverse Bauten, unter anderem 277 Wohnungen, Gewerberäume, Büros und ein Kinderhort.

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