ID Gebäudetechnik AG, Oftringen

Gebäudetechnik, 4665 Oftringen

With our engineers and technicians, we possess an effective team able to take on every challenge the building technology sector has to offer, and to implement it.

ID Haustechnik AG, Dübendorf

Gebäudetechnik, 8600 Dübendorf

ID Haustechnik AG has an efficient team and is able to plan, install and maintain ventilation and air conditioning systems.

ID Lufttechnik + Anlagenbau AG, Schlieren

Gebäudetechnik, 8952 Schlieren

With around 60 engineers and technicians, we possess a highly productive team capable of taking on every building technology challenge and successfully implementing it.

Steger AG, Aadorf

Gebäudetechnik, Ausbildungscenter, 8355 Aadorf

Steger AG offers the highest quality solutions for innovative heating, ventilation, air conditioning and climate control technologies. We also offer sanitation facilities and solutions using renewable energy sources. In our own workshop, we also produce special sheet metal designs at short notice.

Wiederkehr AG, Zürich

Gebäudetechnik, 8152 Glattbrugg

Fifty years of customised sanitation technology! Wiederkehr AG has served its customers since 1969 with much pleasure and commitment – from planning to execution – providing all services relating to sanitation technology.